Sunday, May 11, 2008

And it continues...

The paperwork situation that I whined about before is continuing to rear its ugly head as my visa paperwork has finally arrived. And by arrived, I mean...I had to drive to the Fort Collins airport to pick up an international envelope. But, as long as I have keep reminding myself that this whole trip is being paid for, I can also remind myself to shut up and stop whining.

I did find out my route and got my e-tickets. I have training for the first few days in Austin, TX and then I will be flying Austin-DC-Frankfurt, Germany-Delhi, India. It essentially takes three days to get there which is funny since I had a student tell me that he was going to India over Thanksgiving. "Indiana?" I replied. "No, India!" he insisted. You basically would have to turn right around and come home! My route home is Delhi-London-Denver. 

I am going to view this last week as "training camp" for India. Last week I began taking the pills for the typhoid vaccine. I had to take one pill every other day for 8 days one hour before eating. I had no problems for the first few days and then the day before my last pill my stomach began to hurt. Well, over the next few days it got worse and worse until I basically had the symptoms of typhoid. My students were doing research on bacteria caused diseases so I actually read all the symptoms last week...had 'em except for the dying part. Though, not going to lie, I kind of wanted to die for a few minutes in there just to put myself out of my misery as I was wrapped in a blanket in the bathroom because I was afraid to leave it. But, after a three hour each way ride to Pueblo with this issue, I can handle anything. 

So now I am awaiting more information than my flight itinerary and will update when I get it!

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