Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last two days!

Well, I have free internet right now and therefore it I must post. We are at the USEFI (United States Education Foundation in India) office having lectures...again. We just had one about the philosophy and theory about whether electrons are particles or waves. Just like what happened when I learned this in physics, I shut off because..WHO CARES! Wow, aren't I a good science teacher? Deep philosophy irritates me and having someone rapid-fire lecture it at me (after he yelled at me because I wasn't making eye contact with him) immediately turned off my ears and brain.

Tonight I am going on my final shopping spree to this wonderful store called Fab India. It is so fab India, I swear! They have really cool Indian things there and fixed prices which lowers the stress of shopping by about a million times. We think we should hire a car because if we take a rickshaw, we may never get there because they will only take us to where they want to go and not to where WE want to go! Oh, India.

Then, tomorrow we are going to to a big Bahai temple here and then have to get all of our stuff together before the big farewell dinner. We head straight from the farewell dinner to the airport. My flight to London leaves at 2 am so I am going to start out exhausted before I get back. Then, we have a seven hour layover in London before our 12 hour flight. 

I have really appreciated everyone keeping up with this blog and it has made me really happy to know that you didn't forget my existence while I was on the other side of the world! 


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deb adams said...

Hi Liz..I have really enjoyed reading your blog even tho I haven't commented. Travel safely and I look forward to hearing more about your big, big adventure!