Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I know why I never wanted to teach high school....

Today, during my Year 11 class, which was one of the worst classes I've had since arriving, I actually, in my head, weighed the options involved in just walking out and not returning. It was THAT bad. Apparently, my class has been grouped the way they are because they are "high achievers" and can do well on their exams so whenever I ask for help about behavior, everyone just keeps reminding me that they must do well on their exams and offers me NO practical solutions other than to write them a detention.

I was sitting there deliberating in my head and what ultimately stopped me was actually NOT professional responsibility, but the thought that because my laptop has been stolen, I have to bring my own computer to school everyday and it was hooked up to the projector at the time and that would have taken me too long to unhook it so I shouldn't leave. I called 8 parents after school today and BEGGED my department head to help me solve this issue, but she didn't mention one word about it and when I came to speak to her about it, she actually ignored me and then shut her door. Awesome. I feel really well supported.

I literally don't know what else to do. I've called parents, written detentions (which is obviously completely ineffective) and tomorrow I will try new seats AGAIN with a rearranged room that is in rows facing forward. I can't do any labs with them as the last time we did a lab, they were throwing weights at each other and then stole a bunch of them and they were found all around the building. So, I feel like I can't vary things instructionally to try to curb behavioral issues. I don't know what to do. I have reached my max as a teacher for classroom management and I need help. So, if anyone has any advice they could throw my way, I would really really appreciate it. I AM SERIOUS. HELP ME. I know that half of the people reading this are teachers and I don't know what to do.

On a funny note, today I called a parent and introduced myself as their child's teacher from Conrad Ball Middle School....old habits die hard. The lady was like...WHAT? Well, at least Conrad and Chesham start with the same letter.

I'm being observed again tomorrow...can't wait to be told again how much I suck by my department head who dresses like a teenager.

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