Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Really glad I chose the pork & alcohol option!

If you recall, my other option for international jobs was in Kuwait. After a full day in Germany where I have consumed both pork and alcohol already, I sure am glad that I didn't go with the other option! I love it in Düsseldorf already! 

I know I have been lucky that the weather has been gorgeous and that really helps to like a place. I flew in last night and today spent the day at the school! I met all the key people at the school today except for my department head because he's out sick and everyone was extremely nice and very welcoming. I shook hands with about one million people today and remember the names of about 2 of them! I will do a full blog on all the details later but for now just wanted to display some pictures of the city!

It is real! The school exists! It has a long street name!

Kind of felt like it might be a figment of my imagination that I was really going to teach here! It is real!!
Not the Rhine but a canal running through the Altstadt (Old City) of Düsseldorf. 

Shopping area in the Altstadt.

More shopping.

The walkway next to the Rhine River which is considered the "world's longest bar" since it is just sidewalk cafe after cafe for miles. DEEEEELIGHTFUL! 

More of the walkway next to the river. There was a guy jet-skiing! I didn't think it was quite warm enough for that!

First German beer in Germany!!!! (Followed by some pork consumption, of course!)

Marktplatz (Marketsquare) where they have a big Christmas market!

I went to visit my new apartment and I am definitely going to take it! It is a 9 minute tram ride to school and a 9 minute tram ride to the center of town- perfect! And, it is on the main line...AND...the apartment is only a three minute walk to the stop! YAY!
View from the balcony of my new apartment!!!

More view- the pictures don't really capture it but it is a really nice view and has a HUGE balcony!

Much more later! I am tired, and I TOTALLY BAILED today and hit the ground on a cement step- nice swollen knee like the loser that I am. It was totally in front of a bunch of kids and they were like, "ARE YOU HURT???" And, I responded, "just my pride..." because I was REALLY embarrassed. But, hopefully they were seniors and will be gone next year!! Ha!


Anonymous said...

Was that a palm tree in a pot that I saw? They must have just dropped that onto the square. Glad you are already liking the new place. xxoo MOM

Aunt Susie said...

Pork, beer, water, a view, and kids who care.....perfekt!!!! xoxo

Megan said...

I hope those kids aren't in your first hour next year! ;) You look beautiful in that picture consuming beer. I'm so proud of you! XOXO