Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flashers? No! Flash Mob!

Last night I participated in a "Flash Mob" with staff members at a fundraiser for my school's sister school in Tanzania. First of all, I've never imagined that schools exist where you raise money for someone other than yourselves to use in your own school. This sure is different than selling magazines so we can have a Literacy Coach at my former school. ISD has had a partnership with a school in Tanzania for twenty years and each year a team of ISD students go there to work on projects. Last night's event raised almost €10,000. What? I know.

Also, it is interesting to work at a private school (especially one in Germany) where everyone can drink alcohol in the school building. A huge part of this event- called Tanzania Night- is the donation and purchased consumption of mass quantities of alcohol on behalf of the parent attendees...makes their purse-strings a bit looser apparently!

Anyway, a group of teachers, organized by the delightful, Tina Post, an English teacher (who I apparently stalk since I live in her old apartment and will be moving into her current apartment in June!)  organized us, choreographed and taught us a dance in painstaking detail since we're not exactly a group of dancers! 

So, here are a few photos from the night. I'll post the link to the video at the end. It won't let me embed it because it is a private video so you have to just click the link.

Making an ass of myself since 1978.
(Thanks Camp Chief really helped that along!)
What fun colleagues!
I work at a great place!

Click here to see the full dance video!

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