Thursday, August 26, 2010

Planning my brain away...

I have spent a few hours in my classroom. The evidence of this is in the picture. Love and Logic makes and appearance across the pond! I should send the picture into them!

I have done two full unit plans in the last few days. Oi vay. It wouldn't be so hard if I didn't have to cram everything they want me to teach into 24, 44-minute lessons which all have to include my community building efforts too. I really empathize with teachers who have to do this regularly. I hope that I end up having a little bit of flexibility with the time but I can see why people revert to lecture and worksheets because at least they get to "feel" like the kids are "learning" all of the material. I refuse to resort to lectures and worksheets- I am just going to have to get more creative.

I've been such a slacker-loser this summer that I think this might be the hardest my brain has worked since maybe like April.

On a fun note, I am headed into London today! YAY! Pictures tomorrow, I promise!

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Diane Lauer said...

I am really interested to hear how the one rule works out for you and the Brits. Kids and admin --- do fill us in later ;)