Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Somewhat out of the sleepless haze...

I was pretty darn proud of myself that I stayed up until 11 last night after meeting our next door neighbors. They are very nice and have two small children so they just come on over with the monitor once the kids are in bed! We share walls with them so it is not like they have to come far! The pictures, for some reason, will not upload to the blog so I will just post them to Facebook for today! Could I use more exclamation points? Jeez. !

Anna took me to the grocery store and I think the fact that I had spent the summer living with my parents hit me. I hadn't shopped since MAY!!! So not only am I am in a new country, I am an idiot and have forgotten what to buy! Our fridge is pretty small though so I will definitely be making some frequent trips, but it is really close.

Today I will venture out to open a bank account, get a phone, and explore the high street. Have to get some hangers so I can unpack my clothes! Tomorrow I will go to school and meet the Headteacher (Principal) and Deputy Head Teacher (Assistant Principal). The school is really close, just up a big hill!

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