Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let the games begin...

I have kids tomorrow. I am excited and nervous as hell! Today was a staff training day and it was completely overwhelming because I don't know any of the English acronyms. And, just as in the US, education is all about acronyms. I feel like a total idiot. I have a really hard time not being good at my job. So, I had a few tears, but I will be okay. I have made a graphic organizer for myself of my schedule so I can see it all laid out for a whole week at a time with my planning written on the schedule. I'm planned up until next Friday so I think I'll at least be able to breathe a little bit over the next week.

My department (and everyone really) is extremely patient and lets me ask one million questions without seeming annoyed- outwardly annoyed anyway. I ALMOST got to go on a field trip with the Year 12 kids to Parliament next Tuesday- I was really excited but they couldn't find anyone to cover the classes I would miss, so alas, next time. They go to Oxford later in the year and I will for sure get to go on that field trip. I am what is called a "form tutor" which is like a homeroom teacher for Year 12. So, they touch base with me every morning and afternoon and I am in charge of tracking their social, emotional, and academic needs throughout the year.

Thank Ganesh that the Year 11 kids are gone for the next two weeks after tomorrow so that I have 5 free class periods without them while they go on a job shadow. Having a reduced class load will drastically improve my easing in process. Teachers here work their asses off. Not to say they don't at home, but six preps is out of control. I know, I know that elementary teachers have a lot (blah blah blah) but I am having a pity party for myself right now so they can just shut up! :)

On a positive note, there were mimosas at my first staff meeting. Who doesn't love that. There was also beer in our science department fridge. Got to love a country that isn't as crazily Puritanical as ours- wait- didn't the Puritans leave England because they weren't strict enough?

Anyway, I am hanging in there and nervous for tomorrow. Will try to post again tomorrow night after school is over from the first day. My brain is mush. I am freaked out. Dream of me tonight having a successful first day because you will all be sleeping while I am teaching!


lspreitzer said...

Love your blogs, Liz! You are an amazing teacher and the kids are not only going to love you - they are going to benefit from your talent in teaching. Have a great day tomorrow - relax, because you can do it!

Aunt Susie said...

I would have first day jitters (actually, for 34 years!)and once those children came into my classroom all was well. I can see you now, Lizbeth....your kids will adore you! How could they not!!! Lots of love and positive thoughts are traveling across the waters. xo AS

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