Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ski buddies in London...

Today I went to London to meet my Australian friend, Skye. We worked together at Winter Park Resort in 2001 and haven't seen each other for about two years. So, it was great that she is in London visiting and very surreal to be hanging out together in a place that is foreign to both of us!

We walked all around the Borough Market which is near London Bridge. Just so we are all clear, London Bridge was NOT falling down. I'm hilarious. The bridge behind us in called the Tower Bridge. Behind us and to the left is the actual Tower of London where things like Anne Boelyn's execution took place and her ghost wanders at night.

Skye is trained as a pastry chef and her boyfriend, Nick, is a chef in London, so it was fun to walk around a food market area with foodies who know about all the random things I wasn't sure of. There were lots of niche market organic things and then prepared food sold in the market too. Let's just say that I have consumed enough melted cheese this weekend to make any Wisconsin cheese-head proud. I actually saw an import beer stand that had beers from Colorado. No New Belgium but they did have O'Dells. Fort Collins REPRESENT!! Holler! I'll post the rest of the pictures from today on Facebook because I am too lazy to do it on here- takes too long.

Tomorrow I am on the train to Planningville as soon as I get up. First stop is my kitchen table where I will be learning about enzymes and planning two Year 7 units- one on Forces and Space and the other on Life. Space. Boring. Maybe I'll teach astrology and just act confused when someone says I am supposed to be teaching astronomy.

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