Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Few more pictures...Dinard...the retreat of the English

Last Sunday, my delightful French family took me to another town nearby called Dinard. Dinard was a vacation spot for the filthy rich during the 1800s- especially the filthy rich from England. So, there are giant mansions all over that are all boarded up for winter, because apparently, they are just too big to heat in the winter, so nobody lives in them. To me, they all kind of looked like haunted houses, or like the house in the Lemony Snickett movie, but beautiful nonetheless.

Here are a few pictures. I bet it is especially nice in the summer when it is warm!


View of Saint Malo from Dinard. They are just across the water from each other.

Giant cliff-side houses in Dinard right on the beach.

I just like trees because I'm a nerd.

Lemony Snickett house?

Apparently, all of these little islands have restaurants but they are only open in the summer.

More beach.

Apparently, Alfred Hitchcock spent a lot of time in this town. I can maybe see some of his inspiration in this house. Beautiful, yet a little spooky!!

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Anonymous said...

I heard that Alfred did recreate that house for the movie.