Monday, February 14, 2011

Sometimes it is great to be a packrat...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Normally, I protest this holiday, but these cards were just too cute to pass up! My mom saved any extra cards when we were kids and so now we have some excellent 80s-90s cards!

I'm going to make some heart-shaped cookies for the boys to decorate when they get home today. Maybe we can write on them in English to practice our words!
Lots of good plays on words with Valentine cards!

Very fitting since I'm in France!

This one is the best. Has to be from about circa 1985-ish.
My brother was a California raisin for Halloween around that same year! Awesome.

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Mom said...

Packrats of the world, UNITE. When stashed items can actually be found, you can hit the jackpot. Happy Valentine's Day, Missey.