Monday, June 30, 2008

Departure day...(for Austin)

I leave today for Austin, TX for our training at UT- Austin. At this point, I just hope my bag weighs less than 50 pounds because of all the presents (i.e. really heavy coffee table books with pictures of America) I am bringing. I am also bringing a lot of school supply items to give out to kids so they take up some serious weight! I will wear extra clothes today or something if I have to.

So, we leave as a group (there are sixteen of us) on Thursday for India and our route will be Austin-DC-Frankfurt-Delhi and it is a LONG way. Yesterday my dad and I figured out that by the time I get back, I will have about 19,000 frequent flier miles! There is one other person from Colorado and I know she is on my plane to Texas but I haven't met her, perhaps I will just wander around the gate yelling her name, perhaps not.

As our training begins this week and as I participate in many seminars on India culture by academics at UT, I will continue to be my annoying teacher self and post some informative blogs about India although won't it be fun to see how my perspective changes after getting there! Also, I am excited to meet everyone with whom I will travel for the next 5 weeks. (Please notice, Mom, that I did not end that sentence with a preposition!)

Hasta lasagna!