Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adventures of Ahmedabad

Some sites from around Ahmedabad today. The security level is definitely increased, you see police everywhere. But, we went to a great school today, some kids didn't have pencils and I saw two kids get reprimanded! Indian students aren't perfect after all! Here are some animal sightings from today!!

Camel pulling a cart down the street! Seriously, this is like seeing something out of Star Wars for sure! 
A cow wearing a necklace hanging out in the bike lane. We have places to lock up bikes, I think this might be a place to tie up your cow!
A slum we drove by right next to some luxury apartment buildings. India is so interesting!
These aren't tied up and they are just chillin'. Oh, the holy cows!
A green parrot at Ghandi's ashram. This is where Ghandi lived for 12 years and did a lot of his thinking, writing, and activism! 

Tomorrow we are going on a day trip outside of town which is fine with me because seeing police everywhere kind of freaks me out. Will post later about the school visit today! It was a great place to be and they even had outdoor classrooms with outdoor seats and chalkboards!!!

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