Thursday, July 17, 2008

Amazing treatment...

Sometimes I am just blown away by the amazing treatment that I am getting here by the Fulbright program. It is kind of overwhelming. Tonight we knew that we had a dance program in our hotel but we had no idea what kind of program it would actually be. When we got down there a whole troupe of folk dancers and musicians were waiting for us facilitated by two anchors from the local TV station. ALL teachers should apply for Fulbright programs! 

This girl was an amazing dancer and she has competed internationally in dance competitions. She put that red dot that is on her forehead with her foot! Embedded in her dance were a bunch of yoga poses and she touched her feet to her nose over her head! It was nuts! She was amazingly flexible and very enthusiastic to take pictures with us all at the end. 

They had all of the American people sing our national anthem (we sounded terrible) and then they all sang their Indian one. Also, they made us all come up on stage and dance with them which was extra funny! The best though was when they wanted one of us to sing a song so they could dance. 
We stood there dumbly for a few minutes and then I just thought of Copa Cabana and grabbed the microphone and started singing while they danced. Hilarious! Good thing I did so much karaoke this year when we would go out from school! 

The rest of today we went to a fort and hiked to the top of several hundred stairs to see a very cool view of the city and then we went to a  museum of some former ruler's artifact collection. 

The traffic here is just as insane as everywhere else we have been and I can tell you right now, I would NEVER drive here! NEVER! I had to cross the street from my hotel to go over to the grocery store in the bottom floor of the modern mall (I HAD to have a diet coke!)
and it was amusing because we noticed that the Indian people will just dart into the traffic just like the game frogger, while we will wait for a break in traffic and then make a run for it. I literally have a mini-heart attack everywhere I go if there is any street crossing involved. 


Maura said...

Girl you gotta get me one of those t-shirts!! I'm gonna wear it to Open House:)

Anonymous said...

P.S. What is the second picture of??? It looks like 2 fish in a jar on a table....are THOSE the yoga stinkin' way??!!!


Diane Lauer said...

I am so glad that all that karaoke paid off too :)