Thursday, July 17, 2008

Victim of the American media...

Today I also suffered the effects of the American media. That is the only reason I can think of as to why I got so freaked out about walking around an area full of women in burkas and mosques. Well, that and the men were leering at us more than normally. Perhaps it was because in most areas we have been, there are a majority of women in saris and not completely covered from head to toe. So, I guess, we just seemed extra uncovered. I can’t believe that those women in burkas are cool and comfortable. They have a complete outfit on underneath it as sometimes you can see their brightly colored pants sticking out at the bottom and are wearing a mask on their face. It felt like wearing a ski mask to me in terms of heat when I was trying it on. I am going to try to buy one for Kendra, my team’s social studies teacher but I couldn’t find a store yesterday.

I wasn’t expecting that in India. I don’t know why, I knew they had a large Muslim population here, I guess I thought it would just be more liberal here, and I know that in many areas, it is. Hyderabad is just a “bundle of contradictions” as the lady said and here was another example. Near the hotel we have a huge, modern, Western mall, and if you drive a few minutes, you have women in burkas walking around a huge, old bazaar. I also saw two women in burkas on a motorcycle, which was surprising to me. But again, bundle of contradictions!

The bazaar where we were specialized in bangle bracelets and pearl necklaces. Although, it is hard to tell (without my mom’s expert eye) if they are real or if the guys are trying to take you for a ride. The strings of black pearls were much less expensive than I have seen at home so I just don’t know what to believe.

P.S. Achmach and I are registered at Burkas, Bath, & Beyond.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I would LOVE a cool would THAT be??? I also have been reading the blog daily and hope this comment gets posted...I have tried before with no luck!!! These things are hilarious.....maybe you could continue to write about our kids once school begins....hilarious!!