Monday, July 28, 2008

Today we went to see a giant radio telescope about two hours from Pune. Here are some of the sights on the way. This reminds me of how my grandfather was run over by a team of mules when he was 19. Good thing it wasn't an ox cart!!!
This is one of 30 satellite dishes that works by sending meter long radio waves out and triangulating them (or the 30 word equivalent to triangulation) to see the outer reaches of the galaxy. There are only three in the world, one is in New Mexico.
Village on the way to the telescope. Women do fieldwork in saris.
This is another reminder that India is a developing nation. Traffic is stopped by major herds of livestock on the highway. 
This is a semi-truck and they are all decorated like this. Today I bent over a few times to kiss my butt goodbye because the ride up to the telescope was absolutely frightening. 

Tomorrow we head for Ahmedabad where the bombings have been. The Fulbright people have been in constant contact with the US Embassy and have check to see that everywhere we are going is in a safe area. Although, I feel extra safe going to Ahmedabad now because there is a huge military presence there now and it is doubtful they would bomb the same city twice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Giz!

I like that you foot noted, NM. My 6th grade science project was on the VLA (Very Large Array) of Satellites. How appropriate that a science teacher noticed. Travel safe!


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, Mom here. Good to hear the forces are with you on this trip. Continue to be safe. Love

Diane Lauer said...

Hey - I went to see the VLA when I lived in NM - how cool is that !

Megan said...

Just thinking about what a culture shock it will be when you get home...Love ya!

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