Friday, July 25, 2008

Arrival in Pune (Poona)...

Yesterday we flew from Chennai to Pune and it is soooo much cooler here! We are at about 2000 feet in elevation and it makes a HUGE difference. Also, Pune is a major center of IT and call centers. If you are calling a company and getting India, there is a huge chance you will be calling someone in Pune. Consequently, with the job availability leading to increased wealth, it is very Western here. We walked to a department store last night and not one person messed with us. No rickshaw drivers followed us, nobody begged or ran after us, it was kind of eery. I was on my guard for people approaching and it was uneccessary. Although, I still had to make sure that I wasn't run over by the insane traffic! This is also a "college town" as there are a lot of universities here so there are a lot more young people than elsewhere that we've been.

Yesterday we went to a science center at the university that is promoting hands-on science! It was kind of like the Little Shop of Physics at CSU where they take hands-on toys with minimal cost and materials into schools to show physics concepts. These people are trying to train teachers and show them that they can do cool whiz-band demos that don't have to be with expensive materials.

Last night we tried to have a "Bollywood Night" and watch an Indian movie at the hotel but we couldn't get it to work. There is a movie coming out tonight called "Singh is Kinng" featuring Snoop Dogg where it is a Sikh guy (they are the religion who wear turbans) rapping. Almost all of the Bollywood movies are musicals and quite campy and I can't wait to see one with a rapping Sikh featuring Snoop Dogg! It is really hard to get movie tickets in a country of over a billion! Everyone wants to see the same movies and so we are going to try tonight but still have three other cities if it doesn't work out.

We have a day off Sunday and I will have internet again then. Just wanted to let everyone know that I have made it safely to another city. Check the map, we are quite close to mountains and I can see them in the distance!!! I think they are called the Ghats! Ha!


Dennis said...

Poona..interesting place....and you're only a couple of hours from the spiritual atmosphere of

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, well then I got to know a couple Pune-ans quite well when I was on the phone with HP reps in India for ten hours trying to fix my computer!!!!!!

:) CK